Monday, November 23, 2009

Delay in Death, Delay in Life

I apologize for the lack of posts on the Milo front. I relocated to Michigan from Portland, OR in September and am horrified to report that I have done not one ounce of research since then. Unless you count being on Main Street, and you could.

Off the top of my head we still have the following cases open:

Proof (other than DNA) that Frank RUSSELL is Milo FREEMAN

Thomas COOPER's death certificate and correct regiment information (both of these things are unavailable under mysterious conditions)

Bridget Rachel nee GILLESPIE, maybe nee BISHOP, ROGERS's place of origin

Whereabouts of Robert ROGERS b 1809, b 1840 and Rachel Bridget in 1860 (Roberts obit states he left New Brunswick at the age of 19 and even I can tell you that was 1859 and the first child of Rachel and Robert Jr was b in 1862)

Location of living BARGER (COOPER) descendants

and finally the ongoing saga of our David POSS almost for sure the son of NICHOLAS POSS for sure for sure the son of David POSS of Lewis and Jefferson, NY, Lapeer and Huron, MI, where they came from and who the heck is Betsy WALBOUGHT

That is all.

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