Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Salt Lake City

Last October a pilgrimage was made to Salt Lake City. I found a few things, like a death records showing Nicholas Poss as the father (and not the brother!) of David Poss. I found a listing of ancient British Aspenwalls and a few other tidbits. I really planned ahead and tried to make the most of my time but there are all kinds of unpredictable problems to run into there.

Problems in Salt Lake City

1. Unbelievably Small list of Starbucks
2. You can't bring all your data (unless you have a laptop)
3. Forgetting your list of Tips for Salt Lake City
4. The system enabling you to purchase liquor, even at a bar, no especially at a bar is very complicated. Ask me about Murphy's, go ahead.
5. Does not start with a capital B so does not rhyme with P and could not stand for Pool.

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