Monday, May 12, 2008

For Those Of You Just Tuning In

Depending on who you are:
Grandpa Russell (Vern, for most of us) was born in April of 1929 to Milton Jerome Russell and Judith Rogers (The Real Grandma Russell, for most of us). Milton was the fifth son of Cordy Russell and Maude Smith and he was born in Oakland county on 17 FEB 1910 and died in 1969 in Michigan. Cordy Alvin Russell was born on 04 APR 1881 in Oakland and died 01 FEB 1965. He was the last child of Frank Russell and Lydia Powell.

After the Russell Genealogy Team established those facts they were unable to move forward. It was as if someone was lying about who they were. A Y-chromosome DNA test was done and confirmed the life long suspicion of many that indeed, we are not Russell's. Although nothing is 100% in DNA (no really, it's true) some things are known. What I mean is, we may not be able to prove who we are through DNA alone but we can prove who we are not.

When comparing ourselves to other Russell's it must be noted that we have few genetic similarities. When comparing ourselves to all other surnames floating around in various DNA, Surname and Family Projects the family we matchis the Freeman's with the haplotype E1b1b (or the Haplotype Formerly known as E3b).

That is where we are with our research.


cosmichorror said...

Hey! We're cousins!
I'm the son of Vern's youngest brother, Bob (Bobby to Vern).

I've only just stumbled on this site, and haven't really had a chance to check things out yet, but I've already seen a bunch of stuff that I didn't really know or only had a vague notion of. Excellent work.

Please send me some email. I'm very interested in the what you've found.

James Russell
j.russell (at)

cosmichorror said...

In particular, I'm

Aspenwall said...

To bring this article up to date: This haplotype is now known as
E1b1b1b12. I think...I'll have to double check this.