Tuesday, February 12, 2008


The Rochester Avon Historical Society has a newsletter, you can select the issues to view here. You can also be a member, information about that is here.

There is only one group I really ever considered joining and that is the published of the Oaks to Acorns, The Oakland County Genealogical Society. I have purchased a few things from them, the most valuable a list of veterans and veterans widows from the 1890 Census. Here's the membership application.

Here you can find information on the Oakland County Pioneer and Historical Society. I do have plans to contact this group and see what kind of pioneer information they have, exactly. I wouldn't call our dead people pioneers so much as I would call them very early settlers. No one (it seems) showed up alone, it seems like every original Oakland Family rolled into town with a relative of ours. John Powell and Eliza were in Michigan in at least 1838 where their first son John Jr was born. By the 1850 census they were planted in Avon, never to leave. John Sr is buried there as well as his wife Eliza and their children Lydia (Russell), Eliza (Cooper) and James and his wife Anna. Eber Hotchkiss (1788-1837) and his wife Ronda began their career as early Michiganders in 1835, they arrived just in time for Eber to die and for his probate to become one of our family's oldest public records.

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